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tin, battery operated, toy,
1960's CHINA ME 801 “ LUNAR EXPLORER“ SPACE SHIP MOON CAR" TIN BO w/BOX WORKING!! This toy is not an old toy,  but is extremely rare and hard to find!! This is the  ME 801 Lunar Explorer, moon car. It was made in China, in the 1960's.  It is one of the first tin toy's produced in China. These toys were never exported to the US, only to European countries. Battery operated, (requires 2-"D" batteries, not included). Gyroaction, mystery action, lights, sound!!! Tin plate and plastic. It is in excellent working condition and is quite amazing to see and hear! Toy is in very nice condition other then one of the hard plastic grapple arms has broken off. This does not effect the toys motions. It is currently just taped on but could be glued/repaired easily enough. This toy comes in its original box with insert. Box is also in very nice condition with no tears, a couple of lite creases along the edges of the lid. Super graphics and vivid coloring. Explorer is 11" long, 6" wide and 4-1/2" tall overall. A must have if your into 60's made in China space toys!


Antique Board Game Little Shoppers
Original 1915 "Little Shoppers" board game. Produced by the Gibson Game Company of Boston. No box.  The colorful game board with product pictures is in very nice condition still with no major damage. Lite wear down the center seam.Game has two-sided paperboard cutouts of popular products of the day. Each with authentic detailing, depicting the front and back side of the products. There are four Victorian player pieces. All of the products and play figures are in very nice condition also. Lite signs of wear on the tabs where they were placed in the stands. Game was obviously cherised and has not been abused. Includes 14"x20" colorful game board 21 black wood stands, 22 products,, 4 Victorian play figures.


vintage original smurf mushroom cottage
                            bank, peyo
Vintage 1982 Original SMURF Mushroom Cottage House Ceramic Coin BANK PEYO Berrie! This is an adorable vintage Smurf Village porcelain/ceramic mushroom cottage bank. Its an original and is over 30 years old! Hard to find. Cute and colorful! Features a Smurf hanging out one of the windows, chimney on the back. 4-1/2" tall, 4" dia. Coin slot on the roof top and rubber bottom stopper. Bottom is marked "Smurf Ceramic Collectables, Porcelain, Wallace Berrie & Company, Van Nays California. © Peyo, S.E.P.P. 1982. Made in Korea.The bank is complete, displays nicely. No chips, cracks or major damage. It does have a small area on the orange roof where the painted finish has been rubbed in storage, and the smurfs nose is showing some rubs on the end also. Take a look below. Its an amazing first edition Smurf collectible that would make an wonderful addition to any vintage Peyo Smurf collection.


Antique Baseball Big League Tabletop
30's BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL SPINNER TABLETOP GAME! This is an original 30's tabletop baseball game. No makers marks other then made in USA. Attributed to the Littlefield Mfg. Coo. The game is a spinner and peg type game. The spinners are diecut  cardboard figures. Game is in its original box. There is some wear, fading, etc to the box but it still displays pretty well considering its age. The game only has two wooden stick pieces, so replacements will need to be found in order for the game to be played.  Game board and box is about 14" x 12".


Milton Bradley vintage 1965 12 O-clock
                            high game
1965 MB 12 O'CLOCK HIGH Military War Game Aircraft Bomber ID WWII Axis & Allies! Original vintage 12 O' Clock High, Milton Bradley Card Game. Copyrighted in 1965 by Twentieth Century Fox Television, Inc. This game was based on the 1964 to 1967 TV series show by the same name, and this in turn was based on the 12 O' Clock High book and motion picture of 1949. Game features cards with images of various squadron planes that were popular in World War II. "Allied and German = Heavy Bombers, Medium Bombers, Ground Support, Fighters, Patrol", and identifications of each. Cards are 5-3/4" x 3-1/2". Instructions are inside the lid ( in English). Cards come in their original box, which is complete with insert. The game originally had 40 cards, this set is missing one (a German Heavy Bomber) and only has 39 cards. All the cards but one are in very nice condition. This one has a couple of surface crease lines. The two cards that were stored on the top of the stacks in the box over the years have darkened some compared to the other cards. The box has great colorful war, shooting aircraft graphics and displays well even though there is lite circular marks on the top right corner and one split corner, edge, (has been repaired inside). A hard to find military id card game that would be great for display purposes, replacement parts, etc for any WWII aviation collector.


popeye, olive oyl, king features
RARE Old Vintage Rubber OLIVE OYL Popeye Schavoir Doll Figure w/Squeaker 8". This is a very rare old Olive Oyl soft rubber squeaker figure/toy. Olive Oyl was a cartoon character created by E. C. Segar in 1919 for his comic strip Thimble Theatre. Produced by the Schavoir Rubber Co. She was a "King Features Syndicate" product.  Most are unaware that Olive Oyl was a star in her own right, long before she met Popeye the Sailor Man.  This unique toy/doll is made of soft rubber, and stands 8.5" tall. Overall considering her age and material she is in very good condition. She has good coloring overall with only minor rubs. There is still the bloom of pink in her cheeks and on her outstretched palm. There is still a softness to the rubber, but is delicate and should be treated as fragile. The only markings are on her back "King Features Syndicate".She has a squeaker in her back and although she still makes a soft squeak sound there is a couple of cracks to the rubber ( one at the neck on her dress and one at her elbow on the outstreatched arm) that allow the air to leak and she is does not squeak like she use to. She is a bit dusty/dingy and could use a careful cleaning. Over the years Olive Oyl has stood for female empowerment and self-confidence to many generations.' She was who she was – and people loved her for it! Her tall gangly (skinny) figure, the tightly wound hair in a bun and enormous feet lent itself well with the women and girls of all ages, including Popeye in later years. She would make an amazing addition to any early King Features Syndicate, Cartoon, Comic Strip, Popeye, collection.


Vintage TV Show Partridge Family Board
Vintage 1971 Partridge Family Board Game. Complete in its original box.  Great graphics on this vintage game. Produced by Milton Bradley, a response to the popular TV show by the same name. Box  displays nicely but does have some staining on the side, a spot on top. One corner split (professionally repaird). Play pieces have a bit of edge wear (from being put into the stands). Cards are still pretty nice with only lite signs of wear. The game board and box insert are still very nice, with colorful graphics of the shows cast. Its acually a fun game to play for any generation.


Casper the Friendly Ghost Mattel Music
                            Box Popup
Original dated 1959 Mattel pop-up crank up music box. Made of tin. Features colorful graphics full round of Caspers friends. Baby Huey, Katmip and Herman, Little Audrey. Caspers on the front. Inside waiting to get out is Casper, with moving eyes. 5-1/2" x 5"x 5-1/2". The box is in very nice condition with only lite signs of age, wear.  Minor rubs, scuffs to the tin litho. However the crank and music is not working and will need to be repaird. The Casper figure inside is in very nice condition and still springs up when the lid is manually released. A hard to find toy that would be a prime canadate for restoration.


Vintage Walt Disney Babes In Toyland
                            Board Game Parker Brothers
Original 1961 Walt Disney's BABES IN TOYLAND BOARD GAME! Hard to find vintage board game produced by Parker Brothers for Walt Disney. Game is in nice used condition, in its original box. Colorful game board is in very nice condition along with the adjustable cardboard play pieces. It is complete except for one of the slotted wood circle pieces that acts as a stand. Box is in good condition with some minor signs of age and storage. Two split corners, (professionally restored on the lid)  Some discoloration. A pretty rare game to find.


Vintage Giant Chess Set Grand Master
Vintage 60's Activitoys GRAND MASTER CHESS SET! Complete in its original box. Giant 3-3/4" King sized, solid-felted chess pieces. Tournament Staunton design. Quality feel.  Lite box wear, fading.  Inner  pieces and game board are in very nice condition still. Great vintage set for begining chess players.


Hanna Barbera Quick Draw McGraw
Rare Quick Draw McGraw figure based on the Hanna Barbera TV character. 7-1/2" tall, Quick Draw is leaning against "HB" (Hanna Barbera) fence post. Bright and colorful glazed ceramics, he's quite vibrant and impressive on display. And in case your friends of family are a bit to young to remember him, he has his name on the front of the base. He is all original. Label is missing, with only a small part on the bottom remaining. This was an authentic licensed product of Hanna Barbera, produced in the early 1960's. Very illusive and hard to find. He is in excellent condition other the a chip on the top edge of his brown cowboy hat. Chip could be touched up easily so its not as noticable, I'll leave that to you. Don't miss out. You may never see another one for years.


nutty mads weird ohs ed roth marx
                            marble pinball game

NUTTY MADS Vintage WEIRD-OHS Ed Roth MARX Tin Litho Marble Pinball Game RATFINK! This is an original 1960's "Nutty Mads" tabletop pinball/bagatelle game. The gangs all here! Manny the Reckless Mariner, Dippy the Deep Diver, Waldo the Weight Lifter, Rocky the Champ, Roddy the Hot Rod, Rocky the Champ, Donald the Demon! 12-1/2" x 6". Clear hard plastic cover, metal, colorful lithoed background. 4 white and one black glass marbles. Spring loaded shooter. Legs on the top back give the game a slant for ball return play. Game is complete and in very nice condition. No cracks, chips or repairs. The play area displays nicely. Bright, sharp graphics, no fading or rubs. Works great. As expected, there are a couple of lite surface scuffs, scratches to the clear hard plastic covering, from storage. These do not detract for the visual effect of the game. The blue metal back is still clean, nice no dents. A couple of lite scuffs. This game is very illusive and hard to find, and would be a great addition to your Ed Roth, Weird-Oh, Nutty Mads collection.


Palmer Cox Brownies Parker Brothers
                            Card Game
This is a very rare antique game cards set produced by Parker Brothers around in the 1890's. Its called "The Comical Game of Snap". It contains Nine different Palmer Cox Brownies charatures, three of each for a total of 27 playing cards. The fronts of the chromolithographed playing cards are colorful and bright still. They have plain pink colored backs. This set contains 3 of the seldom seen "Black man Brownie" cards. The original instruction sheet and paper covered cardboard box is also included. All the cards are in pretty nice condition overall. There is some wear along the edges, a couple have a light crease line on the corners. The coloring is still vivid and bright. The directions don't tell how many cards belong in the deck so I do not know for sure if it is complete, I'm thinking since there is an even number of each that it maybe. There are no dates on the box or instructions. But the directions for playing state that a Parker Brothers' catalogue mailed on receipt of a two cent stamp gives one the indication of the games date. Box is inscribed, "THE COMICAL GAME OF/ SNAP/ PARKER BROTHERS Inc./ SALEM, NEW YORK, LONDON". Directions for playing state " The Game of Snap" Published by Parker Brothers, Salem, Mass., U.S.A.


Vintage Cambell Kids Fisher Price Farm
                            Truck Toy
Very nice condition on this hard-to-find vintage mid-century pull toy. Produced by Fisher Price, one of the first advertising toy pieces done by FP. Designed and produced specifically for the 50th Anniversary "Campbell Kids" promotion back in the year 1954. Only produced for two years 54 and 55 and is quite hard to find, especially in this condition. So adorable with is Campbells Kid farmer driver, who sways back and forth as the toy is pulled. The clicking of the engine sound as its pull along. The red wooden truck bed has colorful paper litho on its sides that depicts both of the Campbell kids working on the farm. Front of the wooden truck has yellow, red, and blue paper litho done up as the front of the truck. Yellow wood wheels. You can see lite signs of wear to the woods finish and paper litho, but overall this is very nice still considering its age and use. Yellow pull string is not original but works great for pulling it around and showing it off. It is 9-1/4" long 5" tall and 4-1/4" wide.


Mel Allens Living Sound Baseball Game
MEL ALLEN'S LIVING SOUND BASEBALL GAME! Rare find in a vintage 1958 sports game. Unique as it has living sound. Played with a 33rpm record for realism, thrills and excitment of a World's Series Game. Game comes in its original box . It has its instruction sheet, play field, score pad, 33rpm record, Cub player photographs and a few plastic disks. Some of the  disk play pieces are crafted replacements. Not sure if anything else is missing as there is not parts list and the game is pretty illusive so there is not a lot of info available about it. It is in very nice condition overall. The box has lite wear and discoloring,  but still displays well.  The pictures have a pin hole in the tops as if they were pinned up on a wall at some point.  Record is in excellant condition. Produced by Audio Games NY and dated 1958.


Vintage Avani Checkers Board Game
VINTAGE AVANTI GAME! Complete in its original box. Lite signs of age and play.  Produced by Fyanes.


Vintage Milton Bradley Sub Attack Board
1965 MB SUB ATTACK GAME! Complete in its original box, Fun vintage board game for 2 players. Lite wear to the box. 2 corners repaired on the lid. Graphics are colorful and bright.


50's Beachead Invasion Game
BEACHHEAD INVASION GAME! Vintage 1950's military beach invasion game. Complete in its original box. By Built-Rite. Hard game to find. Box has split corners and some wear but it still displays well with bright colorful graphics.


Jumanji Board Game Milton Bradley Robin
VINTAGE  JUMANJI BOARD GAME! Produced in 1995, by Milton Bradley.  For ages 8 and up. Based in the amazing movie JUMANJI, starring Robin Williams, Jonathan Hyde, Kirsten Dunst. Its a game the pursues you! Snapping crocodiles, stalking lions, charging rhinos and more. In the wild world of Jamanji, they're only a dice roll  away. Just as in the movie the only way out is to finish the game. Game is complete. All the parts and game board are in very nice condition still. Box intact, no split corners, tears or major damage. Lite storage wear. Buy the game, gather the kids or grandkids, rent the movie, then play the game. It will be one of the most enjoyable afternoons you'll spend.


Lionel Double Crossing Board Game
                            Trains Vintage
Vintage 1988 Lionel "Double Crossing" Train board Game. Quality, Made in the USA by Lionel. Not available in stores for several years now and getting harder to find. Its a game that will have you "building railroads and fortunes... or losing them". Bright colorful graphics on the game board, Realistic figural plastic train (locomotives, box, tanker, hopper, passenger) play pieces, with the loco's being from different eras. Fun game for family play. Object, be the first to win six railroad contacts and return to Grand Central Station. Deal with a dissatifsied customer, double crossing player, derailing, and more. Game is in excellant condition overall. Appears to have been played once or twice then packed away. It is complete, no notable damage or signs of use to parts, board, inserts, cards etc. Box is still in very nice condition. Intact, displays nicely. Very lite signs of stacked storage. A game to pass down through the generations.


Mystery Mansion Talking Board Game Like
1995 Mystery Mansion Talking Board Game. Designed by Larry Harris Jr. produced by Parker Brothers back in 1995. Play is done in the style of the vintage"Clue" game with a more modern "electronic" approach. For two to four players, 8 and up. This is a pre-owned game, however it is complete as issued and in very nice condition. B.Emmet Redstone has hidden 1 Million bucks in his mansion. All that money can be yours, if you can be the first to find it! He's left you his pre-programmed electronic organizer to aid you in your search. Game begins with an empty mansion and players use the Organizer to furnish the rooms and search for clues he's hidden in the furniture. Be warned, Mr Ridstone won't make it easy most times. Sometimes he'll keep you guessing by giving you misinformation, pitting you against other players, etc. His organizer re-programs with new clues each time you visit so the game can be played repeatedly with various outcomes. Its also a bit quicker to play then the original "Clue" or "Mystery Mansion" games. The organizer is in excellant working condition. It requires 4 AA batteries, not included. All 35 furniture pieces, 8 movers play figures, cards, magnifier, die, etc are in very nice condition. Fold out colorful mansion board and stand-up cardboard walls and shrubs are still very nice with no damage. Instruction booklet is still very nice. Box has colorful graphics and displays nicely. One split corner has been professionally repaired inside on the lid. A fun game for family night.


Vintage Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone
                            Quidditch Slot Car Racing Toy Game
Mattels Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Quidditch Slot Figure Racing toy! Bring the Competition of Quidditch into your home. Offered in 2001 as the premier of the 1st Harry Potter movie "The Sorcerer's Stone" hit theaters. Made by Mattel. Set is new, sealed in box. Never opened! Electronic racing with Harry and Ron in the Quidditch Patch. You control the action with the 2 hand controlers. Set contains 2 collector quality figures, and special field, display stands for displaying the figures when not in use. Track, 2 hand remote control units, and the authentic Quidditch Patch playing field. Race the figures over 15 feet of Hogwarts track, zoom past your opponet and score quaffle points. But watch out for the Bludger! Be on the lookout for the hidden Snitch, which appears at random. Catch it and you win the race! Set is electric, but also requires 1 AA battery. This is an extremely hard to find Harry Potter collectors toy and finding it new in the box is phenominal


Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Mr
                            Christmas Ski Slope

MICKEY'S SKI SLOPE Mr Christmas RARE MECHANICAL DISNEY! This is an outstanding vintage Mr Christmas "Mickey's Sky Slope" An real ski lift for your Christmas tree! Mickey and his friends are ready for some fun on the real life like motorized ski slope. The colorful ski lift is decorated for the holidays. There is 10' of ski trail thats 3' in dia. so it can be placed in the tree or it can be set up on the floor beneath the tree. Four Disney characters are on ski's and ride up the lift and circle around the slope, to be lifted up again for another ride. There is four stationary figures that are watching the action. Two chalets, one at the bottom and one on top of the ski lift, and 6 slolam flags that go along the course. Continuous action. If you've never seen one of these your in for a real treat! I had one of the regular Ski Slopes years ago when my kids were little and I can't tell you how much fun it was. It was a Christmas tradition, the kids would watch this for hours. This set comes from an estate. It is complete in its original box. No broken parts. Excellant working condition. Lite signs of age and play wear, but still looks great overall. Box is intact, but has been taped and has storage wear. It still works well for storage in the off season. Set requires assembly. This Disney Ski Slope is quite hard to find and highly collectible.


King Pin Bowling Game
Antique King Pin Jr. Mechanical Bowling Toy Game! Game comes with its original box. Alley is marked King-Pin Jr. Baldwin Manufacturing Co.. Inc Boroklyns NY Made in the United States of America. Tin litho, mechanical man figure sends the glass (marble like)  ball down the lane into the wooden pins.  Game is complete other then one pin. Game looks good still and is working properly. No major damage, just lite signs of age and use. Box is rough and is missing both end flaps, but it has instructions  of game on the back and its hard to believe its still around. The game is 18-1/2" long, 4-1/4" across. A pretty rare old game!


Streamline Deco Toy Wagon
Art Deco Streamline Toy Playboy Wagon!  Only 4" long, 1-3/4" wide. Complete and in good condition.  Marked made in the USA inside the bed.  Wear to the red paint.  No rust or notable damage.  A rare old toy!


Chein Tin Litho Top
Rare Vintage 1950's Chein "Sunloved Orange" Anthropomorphic  Spinning Tin Litho Top! Produced by J. Chein. A lady orange with large eyes and lushious red lips,  leaves on top.  Working properly still. Push the  red knob down and watch her spin.  Back side says "Sunloved " and has another pair of lips. Chein mark on the back and Chein Playthings on the handle.  The orange part is about 5-1/2" across. and 6" tall (not including the handle). There is some dents, scuffs and scratches. The finish is off of the bottom where it spins. Its a pretty illusive toy that is seldom seen and would make a nice unique addition to any toy collection.


Mattel Barbie Doll Case
Rare Vintage 1962 Mattel Barbie Doll  Ponytail Case! Not square or round, but rounded cornered rectangle. This Mattel dated 1962 Barbie Doll case is quite hard to find! In  nice condition still overall. It measures 10-1/2" x 6" x 7-1/2".  Complete. Hard plastic handle intact. No major tears or cuts. Graphics on the front are still vivid and nice. Zipper complete and works great. Inside is still pretty clean and nice with only lite signs of use. There was a mirror originally inside the lid, it is missing. The metal handle mounts and pins on the back  are showing some surface rust. 


Rare Stock Car Race Game
1950's Stock Car Race Game, Built-Rite! Complete in its original box.  Very nice condition with only lite signs of age or use. Six small hard plastic figural play pieces travel around the race track trying to win. Spinner determine the moves. Instructions on the insert. Colorful, simple game. Box graphics are outstanding and it displays nicely.


Vintage Dam Wishnik Troll House
Ideal's Vintage 60's Troll Doll House Case! The Shanty Shack for your Wishnik and Dam troll dolls. Very nice condition still. No tears or breaks. Nice coloring.  Handle intact and secure. Hinge is good other then a small area on the inside bottom (see picture). Made by Ideal Toy Corp,  10" x 9" x 8-1/2" closed.  Vinyl is stiff and solid, latch is good and works great. Some tarnish to the metal fastners. Not alot of these have survived considering the materials used in manufacturing, espesially in this condition.


Vintage Viewmaster Viewer and Light
Viewmaster Bakelite 3D Stereoscope Viewer with Light attachment. Complete. Excellant condition. Still working properly.(requires 2 "D" batteries).
Viewer can be used independently.
Hurry Up Game
HURRY UP! Vintage 1971 Parker Brothers MARBLE RACE GAME! This is a fun vintage game that everyone will enjoy. Made by Parker Brothers back in 1971 its called "Hurry UP". Its a fast action game that will have you and up to three other opponents racing against each other as you try to slide your colored marbles up to the top of the tower and into the cup. First one that gets all five of their marbles in the cup wins. Not as easy as it sounds as there is various holes along the track and you have to tip your slider back and forth to keep the marble out of the holes. Game is complete and in very nice condition with only lite signs of age or use. Some assembly is required before play. Instruction, rules sheet included. Box is fully intact, complete with inserts and displays nicely with only lite signs of age and storage.


Vintage Milton Bradley Yogi Bear Board
1971 Milton Bradley Yogi Bear board game. Complete in original box with inserts. Very nice condition on the game board and parts. Box has lite wear but still displays nicely. One corner split.


Walt Disney Black Hole Board Game
1979 Walt Disney "THE BLACK HOLE" Voyage of Fear board game.  Based on the movie.  Great graphics on the game board. Game is complete in its original box.  All the play pieces and board are still very nice. Box is intact, but has some rub wear and fading.


TM Green Suitcase
Vintage Miniature Tin Litho'ed Valise Suitcase Toy. Vintage 1950's all tin toy suitcase. Lithoed green with various travel stickers. Made by TM Modern Toys, and is marked. 2-3/4" x 1-3/4" (not including handle) 3/4" deep. Nice condition. No dents or dings. No rust. The coloring is still vivid and bright. Lite rub wear on the edges/corners. These little cases are highly collectible and becoming quite hard to find.


Jeep Patrol Game
1940's Lido Frontline Jeep Patrol Board Game.  Produced around the WWII era. Colorful warfare graphics on the game board and box. Lido games are very illusive do to their short production runs .  Game is complete,  in its original box. Three hard plastic figural jeeps are the play pieces. Game board opens up for playing. Center has instructions and bottom has the spinner.  For 2 or 3 players . Box is fully intact but has a tear/hole on the one side, rubbed corners and edges. The game board (13" x 9-1/2" opened ) has been taped on the back side for reinforcement at some point past. Graphics are bright and vivid.  A rare game to add to any collection.


Finance & Fortune Board Game
1955 Parker Brothers Game of Finance & Fortune! Game is complete in its original box.  Some signs of use, but not to bad overall.  Wooden game pieces, colorful game board.  Box has some wear.

Popeye Ring Toss Game
KING FEATURES SYNDICATE POPEYE & SWEET PEA RING TOSS GAME!  Produced by Transogram in the 1950's. Game is complete in its original box.  The 14-1/2" tall Popeye figural target is bright and colorful still and displays nicely.  The two pieces that make the stand have some rub wear. The box has its inserts still.  Exterior box has splits and tape along edges and corners. Lid top has nice grahics still and doesn't look to bad when displayed. 


Radio Bingo Game
Unusual old game from the 1940's. 1-24 players.  On the idea of the game of Bingo, with the count calculated  the same as Prograssive Pinochle or Whist. Game is complete in its original box.  Everything in very nice condition still.  Box is fully intact and very nice other then its slightly discolored from age.


30's Walt Disneys RUBBER SEIBERLING "Sneezy" DWARF RARE  This is Sneezy, one of Snow White's dwarfs. He is very illusive and seldom found. He was produced by the Seiberling Rubber Co. and was one of the first sets of dwarfs produced by the company back in the 1930's. He is 5" tall, hard rubber, complete and in very nice condition. Marked Walt Disney Seiberling Rubber Akron Ohio on his behind. He retains most of his original black paint (the early figures were not painted in colors as the set produced in the 40's) There is some flakes, rubs and crazing. A must have if your a dwarf collector.


DEALERS CHOICE Board Game CORVETTE Parker Bros EXC RARE! Now you can become the richest USED CAR Dealer in the US. Its Parkers Brothers "Wheeling Dealing Used Car Game", Dealers Choice. Produced in 1972. Featues great Corvette graphics on the lid and play organizer. This game is complete. Contents are very nice, hard to tell its been played! Box is intact and complete, no corner splits, tears or stains. Litely faded some.  Lite rub wear from storage.


Vintage Magic Ball Top Fuchs Germany
Vintage Fuchs, Western Germany "Magic Ball Top" in original box.
 Excellant condition on this fun vintage top.  Works just like new. Box marked Mr. 495/50 Fuchs Made in Western Germany. Made of hard plastic.  It stands 10" tall.  Box bottom has stains, Box lid has wear and tears on corners and edges, top pushed in some.



This is an original 1963 paperdoll set for "The Nurses". A popular television show CBS ran in the early 1960's "The Nurses" stared Zina Bethune and Shirl Conway. This was the authorized edition of "The Nurses Cut-Outs #1979. The set is in good vintage condition overall and looks to be complete. The 2 nurse dolls are in the cardboard frame with the stands, and only one and a half pages of the clothes has been cut out the rest have never been cut out or played with. There is 52 colorful outfits and accessories in all. These come in the "Handy Carrying Case" that has tv show graphics front and back. The clothes that are cut out are in still in good condition with the flaps unbent. But are showing some discoloring along with some of the back of the pages from laying on the sheets in storage. The carry case handle has some crease lines and a name wrote on the back of the handle. The 9-1/4" tall cardboard dolls are still in nice condition. There is a bit of edge wear to one of the cardboard stands.  A hard to find promotional set of vintage paperdolls that would make a unique gift for a nurse or collection.


Newlywed Game
THE NEW NEWLYWED GAME 1986 COMPLETE IN BOX Straight from the year 1986. The provocative party game for all couples! Its the NEW Newlywed Game. Complete in its original box. Nice condition. Lite wear to the box. Box intact, no split corners. By Pressman. Fun game if your having couples over for the evening!


Rodeo Game
Vintage Championship RODEO Board Game Cowboy FUN! Fun vintage board game called Championship Rodeo Circuit. Produced by the Championship Rodeo Game Co. back in 1987. This is a family game for two or more players. Object is to travel down the road and enter rodeos. Win prize money and trophies, and try to qualify for the finals. Compete in the Championship Rodeo to win!!. Game is complete and everything inside is in nice condition. The board looks nice, colorful, with bright graphics. No separation, but has bowed some. Box lid has colorful photos by Sandy Wares of actual rodeo events. Box is intact no split corners. It has some wear, but still ok for displaying and storing the game.



Screaming Eagles Board Game
Screaming Eagles Board Game AIRPLANE STRATEGY COMPLETE This is a vintage 1987 strategic board game from Milton Bradley. The game is called "Screaming Eagles". For 2 to 4 players. Complete in its original box. Congratulations, you have been chosen to lead the world's best aircraft into battle!. Fly alone or as a team and be the first to "Shoot Down" all enemy aircraft. The pre-flight assembly has been done so your ready to play this fun, and challenging board game. Game is complete and all the pieces are in very nice condition. Instruction paper tells you all the rules and how to play, so don't worry if you've never had a chance to play this great vintage game. Box is complete with inserts. It has some wear from storage over the years. Bottom pushed in some. All corners are intact and box is sturdy and solid still.


Adult Shrink Game
1969 adult roll, character playing game. Titled: Sensitivity. Produced by Sensitivity Games, Inc. Developed by Jonah Kalb & David Viscott, MD. Players assume roles of fictional personalities as outlined in the folders. Then they have to describe themselves and play the character in some scenario. The players then decide who deserves the Academy Awards for the best
performances in various categories. For 5 - 8
players. Game is complete in its original box.
Played with but still in very nice condition. Box has lite storage wear.


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