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1926 Locomobile, manual, reference,
                          service, restoration, booklet
Original 1926 Locomobile Owners Reference Book, compiled and issued by the General Service Dept of the Locomobile Company of America, Inc. Bridgeport, Conn. USA. Fully illustrated and a must have if your into restoring, repairing, operating a Locomobile Junior Eight automobile. Book is soft cover, 9"x 6". 52 pages. Book is complete, no missing pages. Not a lot of manuals that were typed for distrubution! Pages have yellowed with age but are not brittle. There is some soiling and minor wear from age and use, but overall still in pretty good condition. This is a valuable reference and a rare find in an early automobile owner/operational/settings/adjustment/parts manual.


poems, poetry, merrill root, signed,

Antique 1929 Signed & Inscribed E. Merrill Root Poet Poem Poetry Rare Works!  Original antique signed and inscribed 1st Edition, of "Bow Of Burning Gold" by Edward Merrill Root, known as E. Merrill Root (1895-1973). Inspired by studies under Robert Frost, Edward found inspiration to express his poetry in print and this is one of the earliest works of his poems to be published. Edward was a listed, writer, poet and educator. Born in Baltimore Maryland, he was a devout Quaker and pacifist who views changed after his observations done in WWI. Becoming an active advocate of political conservatism, Root's writing, took on a different light, bringing him notoriety in conservative circles, mostly for his vitriolic writings on subversion in education. This is a book of his poems that met with critical acclaim, amongst his admirers, which included his former teacher and later friend, Robert Frost. Frost was quoted as describing Root as "the second best poet in America". A stated First limited edition. Dedicated to Alsa Landon Root. Copyright, 1929, by Robert Packard & Company. 9-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 7/8". 172 pages. Condition is still very good overall. Heavy stock pages are stiff, clean. Lite age toning overall. No stains, tears, markings. No cracking to the hinges, easily perused. Book is complete, no missing pages. Binding is intact. Black leatherette spine covering with embellished gilt title, author. Rough edge cutting on outer pages, gilt along page tops, following a popular technique of the time. Unique pattern and textured paper covered boards. Spine has a chip and there is rubs and lite wear along the edges. Bumped corners on the board. Inside is nameplate with personalized inscription to the recipient. " For Ellen Drace - artist on canvas, on the stage, and in life - "A" student for fleeting years, and friend forever - E. Merrill Root, June 15, 1944". Next page blank followed by page with "First Limited Edition, and E. Merrill Root" penned signature. It is amazing reading for one in need of inspiration in walking life's path. A view of the world through a poets eyes and times past. A book that deserves a place of honor amongst any library of poems.


abe martin, kim hubbard, brown county,

Antique 1914 Kin Hubbard-Brown County-Indiana ABE MARTIN Illust Wit Humor RARE!  Original antique hardbound edition, of Kin Hubbard's "Abe Martin's Primer". Hubbard was a popular, nationally syndicated, humorist, cartoonist, who back in the early 1900's created a character whom he named "Abe Martin". Abe was a wisecracking, anti-hero, gentleman who hailed from Brown County, Indiana. Its a rare, hard to find book featuring a collection of Abe's humorous sayings, with illustrations by Francis Gallup. Just listed as copyrighted, publishing date was between 1904-1914. Publisher listed as Abe Martin Publishing Company of Indianapolis, Indiana". 6-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 1". Book is complete and in very good condition overall. Lite signs of age and handling wear. No major damage. Inkstamp inside for "Glenwood Boarders of Palo Alto Calif", original owner? Toning to the page stock, but pages remain supple, not brittle and book is still easily thumbed. Binding intact. Cloth covered spine with title printed front board, cardboard backboard show some discoloring and lite staining but book still displays well for its age.


antique Versailles lithographs booklet
1919 Versailles Trianons Rare 24 Color Lithographs Palace Views Architechure! Antique, early 1900's, softcover booklet titled: Versailles Et Les Trianons. Landscape folio with thick card covers. Measuring 12-1/2" x 9-1/2". Informational pages in the front, first ones in French followed by English version. Inside is 24 color, full page lithographs of the palace. Interior, exterior, the landscape, architectural features, etc. Words can't describe the beauty in these prints. The quality in each is quite unexpected for its time. The printing technique has a realism to it and you feel like your seeing the views in person. Each suitable for framing. Booklet has lite handling wear, soiling to the covering. Inner pages are very nice condition with no markings, tears, stains or damage. An amazing look at this historical Palace as it appeared in the early 1900's.


Billy Whiskers, Aeroplane, book,
BILLY WHISKERS Aeroplane Frances Trego Montgomery 1st Ed 1912 Color Plates! A first edition, "Billy Whiskers in an Aeroplane" by Frances Trego Montgomery. Published by Saalfield Publishing Co. in 1912. First edition. The book has a number of charming illustrations both in color and in black and white (by Constance White). Bound in green cloth with an embossed gold and black pictorial front board, black spine title, and black embossed billy goat cameo back board. 9-1/4" x 7 1/2", 220 pages. Book is in good condition overall. Lite wear, bumps to the edges corners of the board, spine. No splits. Lite rub wear to the embossing of the front board as the golden highlights are not as bright in some areas. Inner pages are in good condition. No markings or repairs. A couple of small tears. Stock is still supple and book can still be thumbed. Some small spots here and there on some of the pages, lite yellowing to the stock as expected with age. Pages are still bound, with hinges showing expected loosening. A good collectible book for your Billie Whiskers series collection.


southwest santa fe railroad travel prints

1914 Great Southwest Santa Fe Railroad Travel Color Litho Prints Indians, Trains CA AZ NM CO! This is an original hard to find, 1914 souvenir publication that was made available to travelers who rode the Santa Fe Railroad route and ate or stayed at one of Fred Harvey's hotels or railroad eating houses along the way. Written and published by Fred Harvey himself, the man who invented the "restaurant for travelers" idea. This booklet is a wonderful trip in itself just to thumb through and enjoy. The 32 color lithographs are phenomenal! Each depicting scenery and scenes of the trains in route and Native American life along the path of the Sante Fe Railway Southwestern routes. Scenes included: Yosemite Valley, Redlands, Cajon Pass, San Juan Capistrano Mission, Old Baldy, Mystic Maze of the Mojave Indians, Needles Mts, Colorado River, Arizona desert, Interior of Hopi House, the Hopi House, Grand Canyon, Apache Warrior and his horse at Rio Navaho, Arizona, Apache land, tepee, San Francisco mountains, train over Canyon Diablo Arizona, Petrified Forest, old church, Acoma, New Mexico, pueblo of Laguna, Native american decorating pottery at pueblo of Isleta, New Mexico, Elle of Ganado, Native American Navaho weaver in front of her home, interior of indian building with pottery, rugs, crafts, Indian Building , Albuquerque NM, the Alvarado, El Ortiz, Lamy NM, the Californian Limited in Apache Canyon, the Raton tunnel, snowy range in Colorado, gateway Garden of the Gods, the Spanish Peaks of Colorado. The booklet is string bound, semi-gloss paper pages with heavy construction-like paper cover. Raised gold gilt title and colored lithograph of Native Americans out on the range. Inside there are a couple of informational pages then each illustration has a title page for the follow up print. Page across from each print has information on the view. Really fine quality publishing and printing for its time considering it was a souvenir. Booklet is complete. Cover show lite signs of wear, corners bumped, spine cover starting to split some at the bottom. Back cover has two tears. Inner pages have no tears, markings, stains or foxing. There is some rub-like discoloration on a few of the outer boarders of the illustrations pages. Some more then others. Not sure why these pages did this as the adjoining pages show no discoloring, rubs, at all. This did not hurt the integrity of the lithographs themselves. Booklet measures 11-1/2" x 9".


Heaney's Professional magicians magic
                          tricks, catalog
1919 Vintage Professional Magicians Magic Supplies Catalog Apparatus Tricks! Original 'Heaney's Professional Catalog of Wonders" Magical Goods, Illusions, Stage Acts. Catalog No. 24. From the Heaney Magic Co. that was located in Berlin Wisconsin. Undated, from the illustrations I would say around 1915-1920. 8-3/4" x 6". 96 pages. Loaded with some unique Magicians illiusion, apparatus's, tricks and novelties. Fully illustrated with prices. Great reference piece. Catalog is soft cover. Complete and in very nice condition still. No tears or markings. No major damage. Well preserved. A couple of lite stain spots to the cover. Still supple and easily viewed. A rare find for the collector who like antique magic and illusions.


early connecticut architecture
This is an extremely rare first edition, hard bound book by the renown American architect and noted architectural historian, J. Frederick Kelly (1888-1947). Titled: "Early Connecticut Architecture". Featuring 25 dbl paged plates of measured drawings with full size details of moulded sections supplemented by photographs. Published in 1924, by William Helburn Inc, of New York. Book is in large folio, 14-3/4" x 11". List of the 25 plates the house the details came from is listed in the front. A couple of examples: Plate 2. New Haven, Beers House....Front Entrance. Plate 8. Lyme, William Noyes House .....Mantel. Plate 23. Bethel, Barnum House...... Parlor Panelling. Best described by Frederick in the forward, "There exists today a very general appreciation of the many excellent qualities of early American architecture, and Architects are turning more and more to the best examples of building of the Colonial period as sources of inspiration for current work. While a great amount of data in the form of measured drawings and photographs is available for the designer's use, there still remains a great deal of unrecorded work that is of unusual architectural value. This is particularly true of the early architecture of Connecticut, of which comparatively little has been published. Much of this unpublished work, which is of great beauty and unusual charm, is practically unknown to Architects and designers. Although it is similar in many ways to the work of the same period in the other American colonies, Connecticut's early architecture has certain qualities that are peculiar to itself. Not the least of these is a certain very delightful naivite, which, in comparison with much work elsewhere that is over-wrought and over-sophisticated in design, is extremely refreshing. The examples chosen for this series of drawings may be regarded as typical of Connecticut's early architecture, for they are so widely distributed throughout the state that the character of the work cannot be regarded in any sense as regional.All the drawings have been reproduced to a true scale, and all moulded sections appear at the exact size of the originals. This feature of full size profiles should be of special value to the designer who is preparing full size details. J. Frederick Kelly". Book is complete and binding is still intact. Pages are crisp, clean and in very nice condition. Although there is some wear to the cover boards, corners, edges, etc, it remains in good viewable condition. Take a look at the pictures below. This is not a book that's found or offered very often. Don't miss out. A unique and valuable architectural, design, restoration, reference.


Disston Saw & Tools Catalog 1914
This is an authentic original 1914 tool catalog. Published by Henry Disston & Sons. It features all the tools that were produced by Disston & Sons back in th e year 1914, with the largest focus being on all the various saws that the company offered. Saws were the mainstay for the company, but they also produced quite a few other tools that most are not even aware of. Like adjustable plumb and levels, pocket levels, screw drivers, gauges (scribes) machetes, post hole diggers, cane knives, trowels, clamps, saw sets, saw gummers, tools for repairing saws and blades. Its all packed inside!! It is an invaluble reference tool for any antique tool enthusists, carpenter or collector. Fully illustrated. Some even in color. Loaded with details about each item along with clear consice images. Hard bound book. 238 pages. 6.5" x 4". Complete. Fully intact. Very nice condition overall. Spine and binding still snug. Lite age, handling wear. There is two pages in the center that were stuck together at some point and pulled apart, leaving a roughened thin spot in the center of each. All the other pages are still very nice. Overall pages are crisp, clean and bright. A rare find that will aid you in your search of the Dissten tools of the early 1900's

Railroad Picture Set
Vintage 1940's Railroad promotional set of 57 black and white pictures. It is a seldom seen complete set. All deal with the Railroad, with the last one having all the railway trademarks, with the names of the Railroads on the back. Titles below on the borders. There is trains, electric, steam, passanger, engines, railroad stations, depots, driving the golden spike, inside depots, stations, conductors, inside the engines and cars, inside a Pullman, staff, soldiers boarding, working on the mail cars, loading freight, taking on water, the Roundhouse and turntable, building of a locomotive, dispatchers, signals at work, and so much more. Real life situations with the equipment and people that made the railroad work. I've only shown a sample of the pieces in this set. Each is suitable for framing. All are in very nice condtion with no damage other then the first one has some tears and wear from storage. A real historic insight into the everyday workings of the Railroad such as it was back in the 1940's and prior. Each print is 11" x  8-3/4".


1936 Illinois vs Northwestern Football
                          Ticket Stub
1936 Northwestern VS Illinois Football Ticket Stub! Original ticket stub for a football game that took place back in 1936 at the University of Illinois, Memorial Stadium. Game was between Northwestern and Illinois. Ticket is still colorful and bright. It measures 3-7/8" x 2-1/8". Has some wear. Bumped corners and edges. Take a look. Still and nice example that would be a nice addition to any collection.


Advertising Blotters
7 = FABULOUS VINTAGE ADVERTISING BLOTTERS! Mint condition. Colorful unique antic's of  LawsonWoods monkeys on each. and marked with titles, and the artist's mark. 6-3/8" x 3-3/8". Produced by Brown & Bigalow. Each  advertises the Country Life, Fire, Mutual, Insurance Co. You get the  "I'm Not Exaggerating", "It's A Wise Mother", "It DoesThings For You",  " First Rate", " Cleanup Time", "Supply and Demand", and "Training  Does It", .Check out the pictures of each, and see how colorful and nice  each piece of artwork is. Great for framing, and displaying, and since  they are unused, and in such nice condition, they would make great gift also.

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scotty, playing cards, vintage, double
Vintage Dbl Deck Boxed Begging Dog Scottie Westie Terrier Playing Cards NICE! Adorable vintage double deck boxed set of Western Park Ave playing cards. Begging white Scottie/Westie dogs. Pastel colored background, red trim line on one deck and blue on the other. Two standard decks with two jokers, two contact bridge scoring cards. Sets are complete and come in original box. Cards are in excellent condition, don't appear to have been played? Box in good condition with lightly bumped corners (one more so then others). A wonderful vintage set of card for playing, swapping or a collection.


Gas Co. Cards
CITIZENS GAS CO. Advertising  Double deck of playing cards, in original box. Frolicing Cocker Spaniel named Butch,  on the back.  One deck, Butch is running the other he is setting beside a hydrant. Both decks are in excellant condition and appear to have not  been played.  All cards are  crisp, clean, with sharp graphics. Sets are complete, four jokers. Box and sleeve are very nice still. Intact, no major damage.


Yellowstone National Park Souvenir Playing Cards deck. Complete it is original box. Published in 1904 By Haynes Photo Studios.  54 cards, including Joker and table of Bridge points. A bit wider the modern day decks. Fronts have colored picture of Old Faithful, and says Yellowstone Park around the cameo.Back sides have color tinted photos of different views of the parks. Deck is in very nice condition. Gold gilting still notable on all sides. A couple of the cards have a slight crease lines, but overall the look good.  Deck is still pretty crisp, played but not much. Two part box is still very nice with only slight signs or age, wear, handling. A rare deck to add to your collection.


Vintage 1940's Congress Playing card deck. Featuring, Whirlaway, the American Champion Thoroughbred racehorse. Artist signed, but I can not make it out. Very scarce deck.  Deck is in very nice condition. Silver gilting still bright. Cards are crisp, clean and nice still. The four of clubs is missing but there is a spare Congress card included so deck can still be played if you so desired.


Vintage 1940's Congress Playing card deck. Featuring Greyhound, the outstanding trotter race horse the raced in the 1940's. He was made a member of the Hall of Fame for Trotters in 1971. The deck is artist signed, but I can not make it out. Very scarce deck.  Deck is in very nice condition. Gold gilting is still visible Cards are crisp, clean and nice still. Deck is missing the two of clubs. There is no spare cards or jokers included with the set.


Art Deco Maxfield Parrish style boxed deck of US Playing Card Co. Congress 606  playing cards. This deck is for bridge. Complete with two spares. In original box.  Marked Ranee under the lady,  Gary Donna artist. Deck is in excellent condition. Gold gilt edges still have a nice sheen. No chips, crease lines or notable damage.  Deck appears to have been played little.  Box has lite wear.


1939 W.P. Co Scotty Dogs Playing card Deck. Complete standard deck with joker and spare joker. In original box.
Deck features Scotty Dogs.  Deck is still very nice. Box and cover card has wear.


1939 W.P. Co English Fox Hunt Playing card Deck. Complete standard deck with joker and spare joker. In original box.  Hunter on horse with  dogs waiting beside. Deck is very nice still. Box and cover card has wear.

Railroad Cards
CHESAPEAKE & OHIO RAILROAD CHESSIE CAT DOUBLE DECK PLAYING CARDS. Double set in original bakelite(red hard plastic case) Hinged lid. Complete. Two full decks, 4 jokers with the C&O emblem. Full figure Chessie on one deck with yellow background, sleeping Chessie, white back on the other.  Gold Gilted edges. All the cards are crisp, clean, and free of tears, creases. Decks are old and I'm sure used at some point. but still very nice!


Teddy Bear Cards
TEDDY BEARS PLAYING CHECKERS PLAYING CARDS!  Complete deck along with two jokers in original box.  Cute teddy bears playing checkers in the woods.  Deck has been used, but is in nice condition still. No tears or creases. Graphics are still sharp and unfaded. Box has some wear.  Assembly Playing Cards.


Complete Citizens Gas Cards
CITIZENS GAS CO. Advertising  Double deck of playing cards, in original box. Frolicing Cocker Spaniel dogs on the backs. Complete, decks, with four jokers and original marked box. All in excellant vintage condition.  

Scottie Dog Cards
BLACK & WHITE SCOTTIE DOGS PLAYING CARDS, DBL DECK IN BOX! Extra joker is dated 1939. Both sets are complete. 3 jokers also. Lite signs of use to the decks and box. No creases or tears. Graphics are nice.
Oliver Farm Tractor Cards
OLIVER FARM TRACTOR ADVERTISING DBL DECK PLAYING CARDS!  Complete double deck of playing cards. With original box, marked A.C. Hooker & Son Phone 33, Sidell, Illinois. Different colorful graphics on each deck. Yellow & Green . All in nice condition overall. A couple of the cards have some lite crease lines. No tears.  Cards still feel crisp, and have vivid unfaded backs.  Produced by Brown & Bigelow in the 1940's.

Holland American Line Cards
1930's HOLLAND-AMERICAN LINE DBL DECK PLAYING CARDS!  Original double deck of standard playing cards with advertising for the Holland American Line. A Dutch-America Steamship Company, that began back in 1873. Decks come in their original marked box.  Both decks are complete. No jokers.  Some of the cards are discolored and have some spots. Others are very nice still. No tears or crease, just discoloring and handling smudges. 


Eckerd Drugs Playing Cards
1940'S ECKARD DRUGS ADVERSTING PLAYING CARDS! Single deck of playing cards. Eckerd Drugs advertinging on the backs and on the box.  Deck is used, and shows its age some. One card is missing and  one card has a corner torn off. Still its a hard to find deck that you don't see.



Camp Crowder Playing Cards
VINTAGE 40'S CAMP CROWDER MO. PLAYING CARDS! Complete deck of vintage 1940's playing cards. Advertising for Camp Crowder, Military base that was located in Missouri.  (1941-1956)  Deck has been used and has lite  handling wear.  No tears or major damage. Box is rough.

Kentucky University Cards
Kansas University Jayhawk Mascot Dbl Deck of Playing Cards! Nice condition on this vintage double set of  KU mascot advertising playing cards. Lite wear from use.  Both decks are complete. No tears, stains. Crisp, clean cards. Nice marked box.  By Brown & Bigelow. 


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