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vintage Gomer Pyle USMC board game
Fun vintage board game titled "Gomer Pyle" the Marine with Two Left Feet! Produced by Transogram back in 1964. Based on the popular TV show of the time, Gomer Pyle, USMC starring Jim Nabors and Frank Sutton. Game is complete with all pieces, inserts, instructions, etc. Great tv show graphics on the box with Jim Nabors and Frank Sutton, colorful board graphics. Object: Players race around the board, as Gomer Pyle, trying to be the first to get all 25 of your men out on the camp grounds to salute the Sarge on his birthday. Box is showing its age, some storage wear. Corners have been carefully repaired inside on the lid. Cardboard pawn figures also show some crease lines. A hard to find promotional game for your enjoyment and display. Thank you for supporting my small business.


Star Wars Monopoly Collectors edition
Original vintage 1999 Star Wars Episode I Monopoly special Collector's Edition board game. Still in wrap, un-played, never opened. Featuring the Star Wars Episode I theme with 3-D gameboard, collectable Episode I tokens etc. 2-8 players, for ages 8+. Game is in very nice condition. It still has the wrap, but this is quite dusty and torn. A bit of a push in on the lid.


i dream of jeannie, toy, promo, tv
                            show, premium, ring,
Very hard to find premium ring! Television shape, with the TV  showing Jeannie from the I Dream of Jeannie television show.  Ring is adjustable. Metal, with celluloid type view. Very nice condition. Rare old toy ring for your collection.


latrax, alpha, RCX, race car, remote
Vintage Collectible Old School RC Remote Control LATRAX Alpha RCX Race Car w/Box Amazing vintage 1970's old school La Trax "ALPHA RCX" remote control race car. Complete in its original box with foam inner box. Car has 2 channels, 5 functions, rubber tires and is controlled by a separate steering wheel controller. Battery operated (4 "C" batteries for the car and a 9 Volt battery in the controller, not included). Car is approx 12" long, 5" wide. Car is in very nice condition with no chips, cracks, broken pieces or repairs. The end of one of the racing stripe labels is starting to pull up. Car has been tested and although it is not dead it is not working properly and is sold for parts or in need of some restoration. It has its motor sounds when the forward or reverse button it hit and the steering wheel does turn the front wheels. Car does not move though? Box shows some wear and tears, rubs, but still displays ok with its bright colorful graphics.


bewitched, tv show, television, promo,
                            ring, toy, premium,
Very hard to find premium ring! Television shape, with the TV  showing the stars from the television show, Bewitched.  Ring is adjustable. Metal, with celluloid type view. Very nice condition. Rare old toy ring for your collection.


Get Smart, tv, show, premium, toy,
                            ring, vintage,
Very hard to find premium ring! Television shape, with the TV  showing the stars from the television show, Get Smart.  Ring is adjustable. Metal, with celluloid type view. Very nice condition. Rare old toy ring for your collection.


Strat-O-Matic Hockey game

A boxed set of "Strat-O-Matic Hockey" as found in an estate. Box and some of the contents are showing a 1978. The Hockey team roster and player cards are for the year 1987-88. Overall contents are nice. No pen/pencil markings. Cards still crisp. One team card has a bit of a crease line. Two of the team cards have marks on the back side from where the rubber bands have left a black like marks. Some of the paperwork/cards have some discoloration from time. See pictures. The game board has lite spotting? The box has taped corners on the lid, some discoloring on the bottom, lite wear. Game includes:

  • (30)- Advanced Action Cards, all numbered except for the #9 and the #23, these don't have a number, just the dot.
  • (7) Red markers, still in card
  • (2) two small white dice
  • (1) Green & White Play Chart
  • (35) Small 2.5" x1.25 Home, Visitors cards
  • (1) Roster sheet for 1987-1988
  • (21) Complete Teams/All Cards for each team for 1987-1988
  • (39) Various split Deck Cards
  • (1) Game Board
  • (2) Pink Additional Misc purchase papers
  • (1) Free offer sheet
  • (2) Dbl sided score sheets, unused
  • (1) Original box 1978


Schildkrot Puppen German Doll
Vintage Schildkrot Puppen 12" Germany Hansel Boy Doll Turtle Mark NIB. Vintage German Schildkrot Puppen doll. Doll is still new in its box, never removed, complete with hang tag. Made in Western Germany, with turtle mark, circa 1960. German text on box. Doll is 12" tall, Dressed as a German boy. Soft vinyl head, plastic body and limbs. Open/close sleep eyes with lashes. Very pretty doll for being a boy? but the box says it Hansel. Just change the outfit for a Gretel. Doll is in very nice condition, box shows lite storage wear. Not bad, hard to find a German market Schildkrot Puppen doll in its original box in this condition.


Milton Bradley Vintage baseball 1969
Original vintage and very scarce 1969 Milton Bradley Official Baseball Board Game. Game comes in its original box and is in nice condition overall. Box and instructions sheet dates this to the year 1969. It was "Officially Licensed by Major League Baseball, and endorsed by the Major League Players Association. It includes the all the original ball player cards that came with the set, and over half of these have never been used and are still attached. Just to jog your memory, some of the greats that were playing baseball back in 1969 include players like, Ernie Banks, Willie Stargell, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron, John Bench, Pete Rose, Bobby Bonds, Willie Mays, Lou Brook, Brooks Robinson, Al Kaline, Luis Aparicio, Rod Carew, Jim Hunter, and Reggie Jackson, and so many more! There is 296 player cards, and 24 team name cards. The cards are done on heavy card stock and came in sheets with perfed edges for ease of taking apart to play the game. The fronts have the players pictures with name caption and the backs have their stats. The game wasn't played alot as over half of the cards have never been separated or used. The game includes instructions, and the seldom found "Official Baseball Players List". (Note that four players were "Unassigned At Date of Printing"). There is the box game board, 7 plastic ball-strike markers (I've included these in since there was only 3 of the wooden pieces found in the set when it came from the estate). All the cards are in very nice condition except for two. I can find no tears, stains, marks, creases, fold or holes, other then the Willie Davis card has a stain down the one side, and the Rich Reese card has a finger size gouge on the one edge. The players pictures are all in black and white, and were quality printed for the time. The game board has some very slight discoloring, but still displays well and is fully intact and works properly. The box is the only thing that really has some issues with staining, noted on the inside of the lid and on the outside of the bottom part of the box along the end edges. If you look closely there is some staining that came through on the lid but its lite enough that it does not detract from the overall appearance of the great graphics on the lid. One corner of the lid has been taped at some point, the rest are still intact. Please view the pictures below. Its an amazing game that will take you back in time with some of the greats in Major league baseball.


vintage Sherlock Holmes Consulting
                            Detective game
Vtg Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Mystery Clue Board Game Role Playing! Up for sale is this vintage 1981-1982 Sleuth Publications "Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective" game. Game is complete in its original box. Opened, never played. Excellent condition on all its contents. Box shows lite storage wear. As good as it gets in a vintage thirty plus year old game! Have you ever had the desire to walk the streets of Victorian London with Sherlock Holmes in search of Professor Moriarty? To search the docks for the giant rat of Sumatra? To walk up Baker Street as the fog is rolling in and hear Holmes cry out "Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot?" Now you can! You can enter the opium den beneath the Bar of Gold, but beware, that may be Colonel Sebastian Moran lurking in the corner. You can capture the mystery and excitement of Holmes's London in this challenging and informative game. You, the player, will match your deductive abilities against your opponents and the master sleuth himself, Sherlock Holmes. You are presented with a mystery to solve and it is then up to you to trace the threads of evidence through the byways and mansions of 19th century London. You will interview suspects search the newspapers for clues and put together the facts to reach a solution. This is not a board game. No dice, no luck, just a challenge to your mental ability. The game features Victorian accuracy so as to capture a feeling of that bygone era. Game can be played in a solitaire version with the player competing against Sherlock Holmes, a 2-player game or as a group where 2 or more players play as a group.Game includes: Game box, 24" x 28" Map of Holmes's London, London Directory booklet, Rules and Informational sheets, Case Booklet, Clue Booklet, Newspaper Archive booklet, Quiz booklet, and mail in card. Don't miss out, this fun role playing game is getting hard to find!


alvin, chipmunks, vintage, soap,
Original Vintage 1988 Alvin The Chipmunks Hard Plastic Figural Soap Dispenser! Hard plastic, 9-1/4" tall. Very nice condition with no chips, cracks or repairs. Slide the 'O' to the side and fill with liquid soap. Push the button underneath to dispense the soap. Can be mounted on the wall or set on the sink. Lite wear to the front label. If you love Alvin this is for you!


This is a vintage 1980 Kenner, Strawberry Shortcake "Snail Cart" - Complete With All its Accessories  This toy fits the 5" Strawberry Shortcake dolls (dolls not included). This toy has been gently played with, and is in very nice condition, no missing, broken parts or repairs. The colors are bright, unfaded. Three decals are loose in the box. Escargot the snail moves his head as the toy is pushed along. There is three strawberry seats with straps on the sides that mount to the cart so the dolls can ride. Turn the cart over to make a picnic table for serving up some ice cream. The top of the large strawberry becomes an umbrella for the table. When not in play the strawberry stores the smaller parts. Set comes with its box but the box is rough with store labels, end flap is torn loose etc. A cute vintage playset for your original Strawberry Shortcake gals.


human bean, collectible, beanie, bank,
'New in the box' vintage thirty two year old "Human Bean" collectible bank. Its the "Easter Beanie". Its was a Hare-Brained way to Save! Big, ceramic, hand painted, Bean-bunny, holding a basket and colorful Easter eggs. 6" height. He was still sealed in the box which I opened up for pictures. "Have you hugged a Human Bean today?" hang tag is looped around his head as found. Of course he has a "I'm a Human Bean" label on his back side. Enesco labels on the base. Excellent condition. Box sleeve has very slight signs of age/storage wear. Its not often you find a new but old "Human Bean" for your collection! Don't miss out!


tv movie
                          dr dolittle doll with polynesia parrot
1967 Mattel DR DOLITTLE Movie Posable Doll w/POLYNESIA PARROT NEW in Box EXC! Original new in the box 1967 Dr. Dolittle (Rex Harrison) doll with Polynesian the parrot. This was a movie promo for the 1st "Dr. Dolittle" musical film released in 1967. He is 6-1/2" tall. Still sealed in the box. Clean, no odors. An excellent vintage doll from Mattel.


Disney Magic Erase Board Crayons,
This is a very hard to find, Complete, Walt Disney Magic Erasable Drawing set! Produced by Transogram, back in the 1950's. No. 1259. The set is all original and comes with its original 12" x 15" drawing slate board, the two magic eraser's, the box of magic erasable crayons, the crayon sharpener ( orange hard plastic, shaped like a house) and cardboard label band that the pieces wear attached to. The drawing board (coated, heavy cardboard) is gloss white with a variety of Walt Disney's characters around the boarder on the front. Mickey, Mad Hatter, Thumper, Donald, Snow White Goofy, Jiminy Cricket, Cinderella, and more!. The back has nine cartoon like pictures to color ,featuring a variety of Disney characters in them also. The kit also has its original cardboard band that tells about the set and held all the parts. This set would have been sealed in plastic wrap originally, no box. The set has been gently used, but is still in nice condition overall considering its age. The crayons are complete in their box. Litely used, yellow crayon has been taped as it was broke in half. The sharpener is very nice, never used. The magic erasers have been used, but are still in good condition. The board looks great with only a couple of impressed spots on the front. Lite signs of use. The cardboard band has come apart on the one side. See pictures below of this wonderful old set. It would make a nice addition to any vintage Walt Disney toy collection.


Vintage Deluxe Scrabble Board game w/
SCRABBLE DELUXE ED Vintage 1982 Selchow Righter w/TURNTABLE Game Board COMPLETE! This is the 1982 Deluxe Edition of Selchow Righter's "Scrabble" Crossword Game. It is complete. All the advantages of the classic crossword game with Deluxe touches for refined play. Features a nice large game board that is 15.5" x 15.5", recessed grid for holding tiles, all on a turntable base, for ease of play. 100 burgundy wood tiles in "Scrabble" marked cloth carry bag. 4 letter holders. Rule/play instruction booklet. Score pad with plenty of pages still remaining. Game board is in excellent condition with no damage. Turns easily, sets solid. Letter racks and tiles are all in excellent condition, no damage or repairs. Markings clearly visible. There is a bit of scribbled circles on the back of the rule booklet from an idle hand during play I assume. The box is complete with styrofoam holder. No split corners or major damage. Some rubs, scuffs, common with storage over the years. The awesome vintage game comes from an estate and has been gently played. Its in need of a new home and offers many hours of fun play.



Vintage Stadium Checkers Game
Vintage game of Stadium Checkers. 1952. Game is complete in its original box. Hard plastic game unit is in excellent condition, works great still. All marbles are in nice condition. The box displays great and looks really nice for its age. No splits, tears, markings.  A rare find in a vintage first edition Stadium Checkers game.


Vintage Halsam American Bricks
                            construction building set
This is a nice vintage set of American Bricks, produced by Halsam Products Company a division of Playskool back in the late 1960's to early 70's. The set is complete and comes in its original canister, complete with lid. The set is No. 725, and contains 345 plastic building pieces along the original instruction building manual/booklet. The blocks, windows, doors etc. are in very nice condition with no broken parts. Good coloring. Set alone allows the young builder to build an office building, terrace motel, merchandise plaza, three-story shopping plaza, village square, country cottage, and other buildings limited only by the childs imagination. Put together with other sets and build even bigger skyscrapers and more. There is six colors in the set, red, white, clear, black, yellow and blue. The booklet is a bit rough, with torn corner missing from the cover, its been folded and has crease lines through out. The coated 4 cardboard roof panels have also been folded and no longer lay flat. The 11" x 7" canister is in very nice condition overall with only lite signs of age or wear, nice graphics all round. Top edge shows signs of where the seal tape was removed. A nice complete set of vintage construction blocks.


anri lowe renaissance vintage chess
Vintage LOWE ANRI Renaissance Chess 32 Chessmen Original # 831 Complete 4" King! Vintage chess set from an estate. Faux marbled cardboard board. Size: 4 Kings. The Renaissance Chess Set circa 1959. Pieces are marked both the Lowe and ANRI names. Set is complete. Comes in its original fitter box, no lid was found though. Black felt on the bases is intact and have no moth holes or wear.The set is still in nice condition with lite signs of play wear. A bit dusty from being in storage. No major damage or repairs to the set. The game board is still nice, no slits or repairs. Lite signs of age/use.


Vintage 1980 Gabriel Trouble Game
1980  Garbiel TROUBLE Game! No. 7310,   Complete in original box. Good condition on the game and play pieces.  Lite  signs of use.  Pop-o-Matic works great still. Box has some shelf, storage wear,  split corners. Fun vintage game to add to a collection.


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